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Welcome StemDB!

The Stem Cell Database (StemDB) aims to be a comprehensive resource for information relevant to stem cell research.

StemDB is a database designed to capture many different types of stem cell related information ranging from molecular profiling data to information about stem cell lines. StemDB was designed to specifically support pre-publication sharing of data within communities of researchers, such as those from collaborative European projects or researchers working within large-scale stem cell initiatives. In order to manage stem cell data effectively, StemDB provides fully integrated project management features and tools designed to capture personal and group collaborations.

StemDB also supports full text searching facilities that are intregrated with the data access and security system. StemDB forms the data storage hub for the Innovative Medicine Initiative project, StemBANCC. Within StemBANCC StemDB will capture scientific information relating to the large scale generation and molecular characterisaion of 1500 iPS cell lines.

The initial development on the database was funded within the EU FP6 project EuroStemCell and EU FP7 project EuroSyStem. Public data held within StemDB is available without registering for a login, but users who wish to submit data to the database can register for a user account.

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